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smooth v0.9.7

latest releases: v0.9.9, v0.9.8
pre-release16 months ago

smooth alpha 0.9.7

    • added support for opening registered file types on macOS
  • screenxlib.cpp
    • improved multi-monitor support for X11 based systems
    • fixed popup windows appearing black on older versions of macOS
  • backendxlib.cpp
    • fixed issues querying GTK theme colors
  • window.cpp
    • fixed drawing issues on KDE systems
  • arrows.cpp
    • fixed unintentional wrap-around when going below zero value
  • cursor.cpp
    • avoid sending two onInput signals when replacing selected text
  • semaphoreposix.cpp
    • use custom semaphore implementation based on condition variable

Other changes

  • added support for building for Apple Silicon Macs
  • implemented alpha-blending for drawing bitmaps with alpha channel
  • upgraded libcurl to version 7.73.0
  • upgraded libcpuid to version 0.5.0

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