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smooth v0.9.6

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pre-release20 months ago

smooth alpha 0.9.6

  • surfacegdi.cpp
    • fixed too high DPI values being reported
  • surfacegdiplus.cpp
    • fixed too high DPI values being reported
    • fixed glitches after closing tabs in tabbed mode
    • fixed possible crash after menubar contents change
  • droptarget.cpp
    • fixed rare crash related to drag & drop handling
  • translator.cpp
    • also look for translations in application data folder
  • tree.cpp
    - improved rendering of tree widget in scaled mode
  • http.cpp
    - include status code in response header fields

Other changes

  • implemented proper multi-monitor support for macOS
  • added support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur
  • added a separate error code for denied access to file IO drivers
  • fixed wrong color space returned in BitmapBackend::GetPixel for multiple backends
  • upgraded fribidi to version 1.0.10

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