github env0/terratag v0.1.31

latest releases: v0.3.4, v0.3.3, v0.3.2...
2 years ago


a70eac6 Merge pull request #104 from env0/fix-azuerm-api-mngmt-named-value
d724364 Merge branch 'master' into fix-azuerm-api-mngmt-named-value
af05794 Merge pull request #105 from env0/fix-google-test-fixtures
d70d53a fix tests diff
66beb25 fix google tf provider version in tf12
dfff4f2 fix google tf provider version
f32be74 remove bucket_policy_only attributes
953e00b add missing version fix
2c736bf regenerate terratag output files
752979d fix google tf provider version to 4.1.0
1e74442 remove bucket_policy_only attribute
e194f29 add tests for azurerm_api_management_named_value
32969bc add ability to skip specific resources

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