github env0/terratag v0.1.27

latest releases: v0.3.4, v0.3.3, v0.3.2...
3 years ago


1a7a7d1 Merge pull request #76 from env0/fix-merge-in-merge
b6bf119 Merge branch 'master' into fix-merge-in-merge
78085bb Merge pull request #77 from env0/readme-specific-testing
f7f3665 Updating README for more exact testing instructions
aa39a0d bak change
9c50d16 fixing tf13_14 tests
46f4bf9 adding quotes for tf 11
251b038 fixing tf11 tests
7d472ae fixing expected for tf12
6f03167 Revert "putting the tokens option up there"
4b930d0 putting the tokens option up there
3929877 test case
3363ef7 got the basics working
39b7b5c adding test case for tf11

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