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Enso 2023.2.1-nightly.2023.5.19


Enso IDE

Enso IDE is the main product of the Enso project. The packages are stand-alone,
they contain both GUI and the backend.

Download links:

This is the recommended download for most users.

Enso Engine

If you are interested in using Enso Engine command line tools only, download the
Enso Engine bundle.

Download links:

These are archives containing the
Enso portable distribution.
User is responsible for setting up the environment variables and adding the
bin directory to the PATH.

Note that these distributions do not allow you to use the Enso IDE.

It is recommended only for advanced users, who want to just try the compiler

Anonymous Data Collection

Please note that this release collects anonymous usage data which will be used
to improve Enso and prepare it for a stable release. We will switch to opt-in
data collection in stable version releases. The usage data will not contain your
code (expressions above nodes), however, reported errors may contain brief
snippets of out of context code that specifically leads to the error, like "the
method 'foo' does not exist on Number". The following data will be collected:

  • Session length.
  • Graph editing events (node creation, deletion, position change, connect,
    disconnect, collapse, edit start, edit end). This will not include any
    information about node expressions used.
  • Navigation events (camera movement, scope change).
  • Visualization events (visualization open, close, switch). This will not
    include any information about the displayed data nor the rendered
    visualization itself.
  • Project management events (project open, close, rename).
  • Errors (IDE crashes, WASM panics, Project Manager errors, Language Server
    errors, Compiler errors).
  • Performance statistics (minimum, maximum, average GUI refresh rate).


Visual Environment

EnsoGL (rendering engine)

Enso Standard Library

Enso Compiler

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