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0.27.1 - Bug fixes for shadows and touch input

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26 days ago

egui is an easy-to-use immediate mode GUI for Rust that runs on both web and native.

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egui development is sponsored by Rerun, a startup building an SDK for visualizing streams of multimodal data.

egui changelog

🐛 Fixed

  • Fix visual glitch on the right side of highly rounded rectangles #4244
  • Prevent visual glitch when shadow blur width is very high #4245
  • Fix InputState::any_touches and add InputState::has_touch_screen #4247
  • Fix Context::repaint_causes returning no causes #4248
  • Fix touch-and-hold to open context menu #4249
  • Hide shortcut text on zoom buttons if zoom_with_keyboard is false #4262

🔧 Changed

  • Don't apply a clip rect to the contents of an Area or Window #4258

eframe changelog

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