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✨ Features

  • Make empty state copy for TAC depend on the value of the setting (#12419). Contributed by @dbkr.
  • Linkify User Interactive Authentication errors (#12271). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Add support for device dehydration v2 (#12316). Contributed by @uhoreg.
  • Replace SecurityCustomisations with CryptoSetupExtension (#12342). Contributed by @thoraj.
  • Add activity toggle for TAC (#12413). Contributed by @dbkr.
  • Humanize spell check language labels (#12409). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Call Guest Access, give user the option to change the acces level so they can generate a call link. (#12401). Contributed by @toger5.
  • TAC: Release Announcement (#12380). Contributed by @florianduros.
  • Show the call and share button if the user can create a guest link. (#12385). Contributed by @toger5.
  • Add analytics for mark all threads unread (#12384). Contributed by @dbkr.
  • Add EventType.RoomEncryption to the auto approve capabilities of Element Call widgets (#12386). Contributed by @toger5.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix link modal not shown after access upgrade (#12411). Contributed by @toger5.
  • Fix thread navigation in timeline (#12412). Contributed by @florianduros.
  • Fix inability to join a knock room via space hierarchy view (#12404). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Focus the thread panel when clicking on an item in the TAC (#12410). Contributed by @dbkr.
  • Fix space hierarchy tile busy state being stuck after join error (#12405). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Fix room topic in-app links not being handled correctly on topic dialog (#12406). Contributed by @t3chguy.

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