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one month ago

✨ Features

  • Mark all threads as read button (#12378). Contributed by @dbkr.
  • Video call meta space (#12297). Contributed by @toger5.
  • Add leave room warning for last admin (#9452). Contributed by @Arnei.
  • Iterate styles around Link new device via QR (#12356). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Improve code-splitting of highlight.js and maplibre-gs libs (#12349). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Use data-mx-color for rainbows (#12325). Contributed by @tulir.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix external guest access url for unencrypted rooms (#12345). Contributed by @toger5.
  • Fix video rooms not showing share link button (#12374). Contributed by @toger5.
  • Fix space topic jumping on hover/focus (#12377). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Allow popping out a Jitsi widget to respect Desktop web_base_url config (#12376). Contributed by @t3chguy.
  • Remove the Lazy Loading InvalidStoreError Dialogs (#12358). Contributed by @langleyd.
  • Improve readability of badges and pills (#12360). Contributed by @robintown.

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