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Proof of Responsibility

The principal purpose of this fork, taking place height 862866, with an estimated date of July 22nd 2020, is to introduce a new schedule of block rewards as follows:

The fork block 862866 will see the per-block reward reduced to 400ETN, and this will be followed up by three more reward halvings in the future:

• Block 1914066 (year 2024): reduction from 400ETN per block to 200ETN
• Block 2965266 (year 2028): reduction from 200ETN per block to 100ETN
• Block 4016466 (year 2032): reduction from 100ETN per block to 50ETN

After the 2032 halving, no more block reward reductions are planned until the maximum supply of 21 billion ETN is reached. Once we reach this point, the block reward gets reduced from 50ETN to 25ETN per block. That is known as 'tail emission' in the crypto space.

There are also some accompanying changes to the block explorer interface.

We hope you are happy with these changes.

Thanks to the community for their continued support,


The ETN Blockchain Team

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7 months ago