github elastic/curator v8.0.15
8.0.15 (10 April 2024)

one month ago


  • Python 3.12 support becomes official. A few changes were necessary to datetime calls
    which were still using naive timestamps. Tests across all minor Python versions from 3.8 - 3.12
    verify everything is working as expected with regards to those changes. Note that Docker builds
    are still running Python 3.11 as cx_Freeze still does not officially support Python 3.12.
  • Added infrastructure to test multiple versions of Python against the code base. This requires
    you to run:
    * pip install -U hatch hatchling -- Install prerequisites
    * hatch run docker:create X.Y.Z -- where X.Y.Z is an ES version on Docker Hub
    * hatch run test:pytest -- Run the test suite for each supported version of Python
    * hatch run docker:destroy -- Cleanup the Docker containers created in docker:create


  • A bug reported in es_client with Python versions 3.8 and 3.9 has been addressed. Going
    forward, testing protocol will be to ensure that Curator works with all supported versions of
    Python, or support will be removed (when 3.8 is EOL, for example).


  • Address deprecation warning in get_alias() call by limiting indices to only open and
    closed indices via expand_wildcards=['open', 'closed'].
  • Address test warnings for an improperly escaped \d in a docstring in
  • Updated Python version in Docker build. See Dockerfile for more information.
  • Docker test scripts updated to make Hatch matrix testing easier (.env file)

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