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8.0.14 (2 April 2024)

latest release: v8.0.15
19 days ago


  • A long awaited feature has been added, stealthily. It's fully in the documentation, but I do
    not yet plan to make a big announcement about it. In actions that search through indices, you
    can now specify a search_pattern to limit the number of indices that will be filtered. If
    no search pattern is specified, the behavior will be the same as it ever was: it will search
    through _all indices. The actions that support this option are: allocation, close,
    cold2frozen, delete_indices, forcemerge, index_settings, open, replicas, shrink, and snapshot.


  • A mixup with naming conventions from the PII redacter tool got in the way of the cold2frozen
    action completing properly.


  • Version bump: es_client==8.13.0
    • With the version bump to es_client comes a necessary change to calls to create a
      repository. In elastic/elasticsearch-specification#2255 it became
      clear that using type and settings as it has been was insufficient for repository
      settings, so we go back to using a request body as in older times. This change affects
      esrepomgr in one place, and otherwise only in snapshot/restore testing.
  • Added the curator.helpers.getters.meta_getter to reduce near duplicate functions.
  • Changed curator.helpers.getters.get_indices to use the _cat API to pull indices. The primary
    driver for this is that it avoids pulling in the full mapping and index settings when all we
    really need to return is a list of index names. This should help keep memory from ballooning
    quite as much. The function also now allows for a search_pattern kwarg to search only for
    indices matching a pattern. This will also potentially make the initial index return list much
    smaller, and the list of indices needing to be filtered that much smaller.
  • Tests were added to ensure that the changes for get_indices work everywhere.
  • Tests were added to ensure that the new search_pattern did not break anything, and does
    behave as expected.

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