github eclipse/jetty.project jetty-9.4.41.v20210516

12 months ago


  • This release resolves CVE-2021-28169 and CVE-2021-34428
  • #6099 Cipher preference may break SNI if certificates have different key types
  • #6186 Add Null Protection on Log / Logger
  • #6205 OpenIdAuthenticator may use incorrect redirect
  • #6208 HTTP/2 max local stream count exceeded
  • #6227 Better resolve race between AsyncListener.onTimeout and AsyncContext.dispatch
  • #6254 Total timeout not enforced for queued requests
  • #6263 Review URI encoding in ConcatServlet & WelcomeFilter
  • #6277 Better handle exceptions thrown from session destroy listener
  • #6280 Copy ServletHolder class/instance properly during startWebapp

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