github e-money/em-ledger v0.9.1
v0.9.1 for emoney-2 mainnet

latest releases: v1.2.0, v1.1.5-rc2, heyyea...
3 years ago

Changes since previous candidate:

  • Consensus breaking change to buyback module that fixes a rounding error.
  • Cleanup of market module events and messages while improving documentation.
  • Add "aggressive" attribute to market fill events.

Changes since v0.6.7:

  • Implements inflationary NGM token model and buyback module.
  • DEX now supports both limit and market orders as well as order lifetime controls (GTC, IOC, FOK).
  • Upgraded Cosmos SDK v0.39.1* "Launchpad" to ensure we are on track to support IBC.

* Please note that you will need to migrate the keystore using emcli keys migrate with Cosmos SDK v0.39.1.

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