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22 days ago

What's Changed

  • feat(collat check): use pessimistic collat check on testnet by @aforaleka in #400
  • fix(validation): bump abacus for slippage validation update by @aforaleka in #403
  • build: Enable Abacus logging in development mode by @prashanDYDX in #404
  • build: Enable external sourcemaps in Vite/Rollup to view Abacus sourc… by @prashanDYDX in #405
  • feat: Support multiple entry points with configurable HTML tags by @pswies in #398
  • feat(performance): trading view kick off getBars / request candles sooner by @aforaleka in #399
  • fix: update entry-points config logic to allow for pnpm dev by @aforaleka in #409
  • fix: trading view chart error by @aforaleka in #408
  • fix: memoize table data to avoid flickering by @aforaleka in #411
  • fix: connect wagmi on cta and not automatic for deposit by @aforaleka in #412
  • fix: remove pingpongs from ws since no longer supported by @aforaleka in #414

New Contributors

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