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v3.7.0b5 - Beta release v3.7

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Beta 5 for people from my Discord Please join my Discord to discuss.
I rewrote 80% of the core code of Dwains Dashboard. It's now way more efficient & a lot faster.

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How to update

  • BACKUP! Backup your HA setup and the dwains-dashboard folder in your main Home Assistant configuration folder.
  • Update Dwains Dashboard through HACS or download the zip and copy over existing files in custom_components/dwains_dashboard.
  • Reboot Home Assistant and CLEAR YOUR CACHE (browser and mobile app)!

V3.7.0 Changelog

New Features

  • Dashboard Settings Update: Introduced "Disable show sensor as graph" option, allowing users to opt out from the default sensor graph display.

Major Improvements

  • Significantly Enhanced Loading Speed: A groundbreaking improvement in both the initial loading time and overall dashboard performance, ensuring a smoother and faster user experience.


  • Compatibility: Now fully compatible with Home Assistant 2024.3.
  • Dashboard Performance: Enhanced speed when switching between pages, creating a more responsive navigation experience.
  • Standardization: Transitioned to default Home Assistant cards (tiles, thermostat cards) for a unified look. Originally, when I first created DD 3.0, the specific cards I envisioned weren't available, leading me to design my own. It seems HA has now incorporated cards remarkably similar to those I designed directly into their platform, so I've adopted these standard HA cards for efficiency and consistency.


  • Mobile Usability: Addressed issues with the HA side menu behaving unpredictably on mobile devices, including a gap at the top of pages and the navbar overlaying pop-ups/modals.
  • Icon and Input Handling: Fixed missing icons and issues with loading inputs when editing blueprints.
  • Blueprint and More Page Creation: Resolved bugs preventing the display of newly created blueprints and 'more pages'.
  • Localization and Naming: Corrected language/translation display issues in house information and cards, as well as irregular area name labelling within pop-ups.
  • House Information Pop-ups: Replaced simple icon + name cards with specific Home Assistant cards tailored to the relevant domain, enhancing detail and clarity.
  • Python SafeLineLoad Error: Successfully resolved an issue related to Python SafeLineLoad, eliminating related errors.


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v3.6.0...v3.7.0b5

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