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0.2.4 Preview Release "Jubata"

This preview release of DuckDB is named "Jubata" after the Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata). Binary builds are listed below. Feedback is very welcome.

Note: This release introduces a backwards-incompatible change to the on-disk storage format. We suggest you use the EXPORT DATABASE command with the old version followed by IMPORT DATABASE with the new version to migrate your data. See the documentation for details.

Major changes:

  • #1231: Full Text Search extension
  • #1309: Filter Clause for Aggregates
  • #1195: SAMPLE Operator
  • #1244: SHOW select queries
  • #1301: CHR and ASCII functions & #1252: Add GAMMA and LGAMMA functions


  • #1211: (Mostly) Lock-Free Buffer Manager
  • #1325: Unsigned Integer Types Support
  • #1229: Filter Pull Up Optimizer
  • #1296: Optimizer that removes redundant DELIM_GET and DELIM_JOIN operators
  • #1219: DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP rework: move to epoch format & microsecond support


  • #1287 and #1275: Improving JDBC compatibility
  • #1260: Rework client API and prepared statements, and improve DuckDB -> Pandas conversion
  • #1230: Add support for parallel scanning of pandas data frames
  • #1256: JNI appender
  • #1209: Write shell history to file when added to allow crash recovery, and fix crash when .importing file with invalid
  • #1204: Add support for blobs to the R API and #1202: Add blob support to the python api


  • #1314: Refactor and nested types support for Parquet Reader
latest releases: v0.2.6, v0.2.5
4 months ago