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0.2.3 Preview Release "Serrator"

This preview release of DuckDB is named "Serrator" after the Red-breasted merganser (Mergus serrator). Binary builds are listed below. Feedback is very welcome.

Note: This release introduces a backwards-incompatible change to the on-disk storage format. We suggest you use the EXPORT DATABASE command with the old version followed by IMPORT DATABASE with the new version to migrate your data. See the documentation for details.

Major changes:


  • #1179: Interval Cleanup & Extended INTERVAL Syntax
  • #1147: Add exact MEDIAN and QUANTILE functions
  • #1129: Support scalar functions with CREATE FUNCTION
  • #1137: Add support for (NOT) ILIKE, and optimize certain types of LIKE expressions


  • #1160: Perfect Aggregate Hash Tables
  • #1133: Statistics Rework & Statistics Propagation
  • #1144: Common Aggregate Optimizer, #1143: CSE Optimizer and #1135: Optimizing expressions in grouping keys
  • #1138: Use predication in filters
  • #1071: Removing string null termination requirement


  • #1112: Add DuckDB node.js API
  • #1168: Add support for Pandas category types
  • #1181: Extend DuckDB::LibraryVersion() to output dev version in format 0.2.3-devXXX & #1176: Python binding: Add module attributes for introspecting DuckDB version

Parquet Reader:

  • #1183: Filter pushdown for Parquet reader
  • #1167: Exporting Parquet statistics to DuckDB
  • #1162: Add support for compression codec in Parquet writer & #1163: Add ZSTD Compression Code and add ZSTD codec as option for Parquet export
  • #1103: Add object cache and Parquet metadata cache
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