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0.2.2 Preview Release "Clypeata"

This is a preview release of DuckDB.
Starting from this release, releases get named as well. Names are chosen from species of ducks (of course). We start with "Clypeata".

Note: This release introduces a backwards-incompatible change to the on-disk storage format. We suggest you use the EXPORT DATABASE command with the old version followed by IMPORT DATABASE with the new version to migrate your data. See the documentation for details.

Binary builds are listed below. Feedback is very welcome. Major changes:


  • #1057: Add PRAGMA for enabling/disabling optimizer & extend output for query graph
  • #1048: Allow CTEs in subqueries (including CTEs themselves) and #987: Allow CTEs in CREATE VIEW statements
  • #1046: Prettify Explain/Query Profiler output
  • #1037: Support FROM clauses in UPDATE statements
  • #1006: STRING_SPLIT and STRING_SPLIT_REGEX SQL functions
  • #1000: Implement MD5 function
  • #936: Add GLOB support to Parquet & CSV readers
  • #899: Table functions information_schema_schemata() and information_schema_tables() and #903: Add table function information_schema_columns()


  • #984: Parallel grouped aggregations and #1045: Some performance fixes for aggregate hash table
  • #1008: Index Join
  • #991: Local Storage Rework: Per-morsel version info and flush intermediate chunks to the base tables
  • #906: Parallel scanning of single Parquet files and #982: ZSTD Support in Parquet library
  • #883: Unify Table Scans with Table Functions
  • #873: TPC-H Extension
  • #884: Remove NFC-normalization requirement for all data and add COLLATE NFC


  • #1001: Dynamic Syntax Highlighting in Shell
  • #933: Upgrade shell.c to 3330000
  • #918: Add in support for Python datetime types in bindings
  • #950: Support dates and times output into arrow
  • #893: Support for Arrow NULL columns
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