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0.1.5 Preview Release

This is the fourth preview release of DuckDB. Feedback is very welcome. Note: The v0.1.4 version was skipped because of a Python packaging issue.

Binary builds can be found here:

Major changes:

  • #409 Vector Overhaul
  • #423 Remove individual vector cardinalities
  • #418 DATE_TRUNC SQL function
  • #424 REVERSE SQL function
  • #416 Support for SELECT table.* FROM table
  • #414 STRUCT types in query execution
  • #431 Changed internal string representation
  • #433 Rename internal type index_t to idx_t
  • #439 Support for temporary structures in read-only mode
  • #440 Builds on Solaris & OpenBSD

Note: This release contains a bug in the Python API that leads to crashes when fetching strings to NumPy/Pandas #447

latest releases: v0.2.7, v0.2.6, v0.2.5...
15 months ago