github dstotijn/hetty v0.3.0

Happy holidays! This release adds initial search support for request logs. Docs are still "to do". There's also a new icon in the top right of the request log to purge all logs (thanks @MichalZalecki!).


07ef2f9 Add OG meta tags
430670a Add docs
16910bb Add lexer for reqlog search
471fa21 Add links to docs website in README
194d727 Add search expression support to admin interface
f7550d6 Add static asset for header image for README
8c2efdb Add support for string literal expressions in sqlite pkg
e59b9d6 Clear all HTTP request logs (#49)
efc115e Fix docs dir
5bce912 Replace lexer, add parser
dbc2577 Small doc fixes for mobile/lighthouse
8ab65fb Support implicit boolean expression nested in groups

latest release: v0.3.1
2 months ago