github dstotijn/hetty v0.2.0


ad98dd7 Add .release-env and .vscode to .gitignore
6fad74c Add contributing guidelines
073bcea Add db & pem's to gitignore (#29)
46caa05 Add initial GitHub actions
fedb425 Add project management
d48f1f0 Add scaffolding for scope package
0d04996 Add scope support
ca707d1 Bump next from 9.5.3 to 9.5.4 in /admin (#36)
248001e Create
1324010 Documenting CA certificates setup for hetty (#21)
c5bfb96 Fix link to Hacker101 Discord
f97e052 Fix usage snippet in README
6244d4a Link to discussions via issue templates
ba7d88d Replace Cayley with SQLite3
5f4bff0 Selectively query DB based on GraphQL query field collection
cf687f0 Update issue templates
fa41e9c pkg/scope: add mutexes around scope (#33)
98dacbe sqlite: fix nil deref on missing response (#32)

latest releases: v0.3.1, v0.3.0, v0.2.1...
4 months ago