github dsccommunity/ComputerManagementDsc v8.5.0

14 months ago



  • WindowsEventLog
    • Added support to restrict guest access - Fixes Issue #338.
    • Added support to create custom event sources and optionally register
      resource files - Fixes Issue #355.
  • WindowsCapability
    • Added the 'Source' parameter for Add-WindowsCapability as an
      optional parameter - Fixes Issue #361


  • WindowsEventLog
    • Reformatted code to better align with current DSCResources coding standards.
  • Renamed master branch to main - Fixes Issue #348.
  • Added support for publishing code coverage to and
    Azure Pipelines - Fixes Issue #367.
  • Updated build to use Sampler.GitHubTasks - Fixes Issue #365.
  • Corrected case of module publish tasks - Fixes Issue #368.
  • Corrected code coverage badge in
  • Updated build pipeline tasks and remove unused environment variables.
  • Removed duplicate code coverage badge.


  • WindowsEventLog
    • Fixed issue requiring IsEnabled to be declared and set to $true in order
      to set the MaximumSizeInBytes property - Fixes Issue #349.
    • Fixed issue where configuring log retention on a non-classic event log will
  • ScheduledTask
    • Fixed issue with disabling scheduled tasks that have "Run whether user is
      logged on or not" configured - Fixes Issue #306.
    • Fixed issue with ExecuteAsCredential not returning fully qualified username
      on newer versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 for both local
      accounts and domain accounts - Fixes Issue #352.
    • Fixed issue with StartTime failing Test-Resource if not specified in the
      resource - Fixes Issue #148.
  • PendingReboot
    • Fixed issue with loading localized data on non en-US operating systems -
      Fixes Issue #350.

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