github dsccommunity/ComputerManagementDsc v8.2.0

2 years ago



  • Change Azure DevOps Pipeline definition to include source/* - Fixes Issue #324.
  • Updated pipeline to use latest version of ModuleBuilder - Fixes Issue #324.
  • Merge into - Fixes Issue #325.
  • ScheduledTask:
    • Fix ServiceAccount behavior on Windows Server 2016 - Fixes Issue #323.
    • Fixed problems in integration test configuration naming.
    • Changed ScheduledTaskExecuteAsGroupAdd and ScheduledTaskExecuteAsGroupMod
      to use a group name that does not include a domain name BUILTIN\.
    • Added known issues to the documentation for describing ExecuteAsCredential
      behavior - Fixes Issue #294.
  • PendingReboot:
    • Changed integration tests to clear pending file rename reboot flag before
      executing tests and restoring when complete.

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