github dsccommunity/ComputerManagementDsc v7.0.0

2 years ago
  • ScheduledTask:
    • Better compatibility with Group LogonType
      when passing BuiltIn groups through ExecuteAsCredential
      • Primary use case is 'BUILTIN\Users'
      • Use the ExecuteAsCredential property to pass the username
        The PSCredential needs a non-null that is ignored
    • Delay property not handled properly on AtLogon and AtStartup trigger - Fixes
      Issue #230.
    • Changed Get-ScheduledTask calls to ScheduledTasks\Get-ScheduledTask to
      avoid name clash with Carbon module. Fixes Issue #248.
    • Cast MultipleInstances value returned by Get-TargetResource to string -
      fixes Issue #255.
  • PendingReboot:
    • Migrated xPendingReboot from xPendingReboot
      and renamed to PendingReboot.
    • Converted to meet HQRM guidelines - Fixes Issue #12.
    • Changed SkipCcmClientSDK parameter to default to $true - Fixes Issue #13.
    • Fixed Test-TargetResource so that if ConfigMgr requires a reboot then
      the pending reboot will be set - Fixes Issue #26.
    • Refactored Test-TargetResource to reduce code duplication and move to a
      data driven design.
    • Refactored Get-TargetResource by adding a new function Get-PendingRebootState
      so that Test-TargetResource no longer needed to use Get-TargetResource. This
      eliminated the need to include write parameters in Get-TargetResource.
    • Converted the call to Invoke-WmiMethod to Invoke-CimMethod.
    • Deleted the code that removes the regRebootLocations variable at the end of
      the resource as it appears to serve no purpose.
  • Correct all tests to meet Pester 4.0 standards.
  • RemoteDesktopAdmin:
    • New resource for configuring Remote Desktop for Administration - fixes
      Issue #224.
  • Updated common function Test-DscParameterState to support ordered comparison
    of arrays by copying function and tests from NetworkingDsc - fixes Issue #250.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: ScheduledTask:
    • Correct output type of DaysInterval,StartTime,WeeksDaysOfWeek,
      and WeeksInterval parameters from Get-TargetResource to match MOF.
    • Refactored Get-TargetResource to remove parameters that
      are not key or required - fixes Issue #249.
    • Added function Test-DateStringContainsTimeZone to determine if a string
      containing a date time includes a time zone.
    • Enable verbose preference to be passed through to Test-DscParameterState.
    • Changed Test-TargetResource so that StartTime is only compared for
      trigger types Daily,Weekly or Once.
  • Fix minor style issues in statement case.

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