github dsccommunity/ComputerManagementDsc v6.5.0

2 years ago
  • Computer:
    • Fix for 'directory service is busy' error when joining a domain and renaming
      a computer when JoinOU is specified - Fixes Issue #221.
  • Added new resource SmbShare
    • Moved and improved from deprecated module xSmbShare.
  • Changes to ComputerManagementDsc.Common
    • Updated Test-DscParameterState so it now can compare zero item
      collections (arrays).
  • Changes to WindowsEventLog
    • Minor style guideline cleanup.
  • Opt-in to common test to validate localization. Fixed localization strings
    in resources - Fixes Issue #217.
  • PowerShellExecutionPolicy:
    • Removed SupportsShouldProcess as it cannot be used with DSC - Fixes
      Issue #219.
  • Combined all ComputerManagementDsc.ResourceHelper module functions into
    ComputerManagementDsc.Common module - Fixes Issue #218.
    • Minor code cleanup against style guideline.
    • Remove code from New-InvalidOperationException because it was a
      code path that could never could be used due to the parameter
      validation preventing the helper function being called that way.
    • Updated all Get-LocalizationData to latest version from
    • Fixed an issue with the helper function Test-IsNanoServer that
      prevented it to work. Though the helper function is not used, so this
      issue was not caught until now when unit tests was added.
    • Improved code coverage.

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