github dsccommunity/ComputerManagementDsc v3.0.0

2 years ago
  • xComputer: Added parameter to set the local computer description along with documentation
    and unit tests for this change.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: xScheduledTask:
    • Converted all Interval/Duration type parameters over to be string format
      to prevent the Timezone the MOF file was created in from being stored.
      This is to fix problems where MOF files are created in one timezone but
      deployed nodes to a different timezone - See Issue #85
    • Added ConvertTo-TimeSpanFromScheduledTaskString function and refactored
      to reduce code duplication.
    • Added support for setting repetition duration to Indefinitely.
  • xComputer:
    • Moved strings to localization file.
    • Updated to meet HQRM guidelines.
  • xVirtualMemory:
    • Refactored shared common code into new utility functions to
      reduce code duplication and improve testability.
    • Moved strings into localizable strings file.
    • Converted calls to throw to use New-InvalidOperationException
      in CommonResourceHelper.
    • Improved unit test coverage.
    • Updated to meet HQRM guidelines.

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