github dsccommunity/ComputerManagementDsc v2.1.0

2 years ago
  • xComputer: Changed comparison that validates if we are in the correct AD
    Domain to work correctly if FQDN wasn't used.
  • Updated AppVeyor.yml to use AppVeyor.psm1 module in DSCResource.Tests.
  • Removed errors.
  • Added support.
  • xScheduledTask
    • Fixed incorrect TaskPath handling - Issue #45
  • Change examples to meet HQRM standards and optin to Example validation
  • Replaced examples in README.MD to links to Example files.
  • Added the VS Code PowerShell extension formatting settings that cause PowerShell
    files to be formatted as per the DSC Resource kit style guidelines - Issue #91.
  • Opted into Common Tests 'Validate Module Files' and 'Validate Script Files'.
  • Converted files with UTF8 with BOM over to UTF8 - fixes Issue #90.
  • Updated Year to 2017 in License and Manifest - fixes Issue #87.
  • Added .github support files - fixes Issue #88:
  • Resolved all PSScriptAnalyzer warnings and style guide warnings.
  • xOfflineDomainJoin:
    • Changed to use CommonResourceHelper to load localization strings.
    • Renamed en-US to be correct case so that localization strings can be loaded.
    • Suppress PSScriptAnalyzer rule PSAvoidGlobalVars for
      $global:DSCMachineStatus = 1.
  • xComputer:
    • Suppress PSScriptAnalyzer rule PSAvoidGlobalVars for
      $global:DSCMachineStatus = 1.
  • xVirtualMemory:
    • Suppress PSScriptAnalyzer rule PSAvoidGlobalVars for
      $global:DSCMachineStatus = 1.

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