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dosfstools 4.1

latest release: v4.2
5 years ago

A test suite is now included and can be run with make check. The test suite requires xxd from the vim distribution to recreate image files from hexdumps and also adds a dependency on automake 1.11 or later for building from sources other than the release tarball.

Now the default for mkfs for filesystems smaller than 512 MB is 64 heads / 32 sectors to make the defaults a bit more in line with the old defaults used up to 3.0.28.

Other changes are fixes, some of them user visible, such as setting the sector size by command line option for mkfs working again after being broken in 4.0.

Fixed a possible fatlabel crash when writing a label to an unlabelled filesystem and the given label contains printf style format specifiers.

When circular cluster chains were detected and the -t option was not given, fsck used to truncate the file to zero length while not updating the free cluster count. This required a second fsck run to clear. Now it always truncates to the last cluster that begins the loop, as it is supposed to.

The parsing of octal character specifications for filenames in the -u and -d options of fsck now works. It was broken in some ancient version and would always fail.

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