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dosfstools 3.0.27

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7 years ago

This is a pure bug fix release. The major bugs fixed:

  • fatlabel did not recognize long file names and mistook long file name segments in the root directory for labels. This caused output of garbage when asked to print the label and damage to the root directory (loss of long file name after fsck) when used to set the label.

  • A fsck.fat check introduced in 3.0.26 triggered use of uninitialized fields in the constructed root directory entry, which randomly caused the code checking file names to consider the empty "file name" of the root directory to be bad:

    $ /sbin/fsck.fat -y bad.img
    fsck.fat 3.0.26 (2014-03-07)
    Bad short file name ().
    Auto-renaming it.
    Renamed to
    bad.img: 14 files, 19388/403266 clusters

  • And finally fsck.fat will not print the version string anymore every time the -v option is encountered.

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