github dokku/dokku v0.21.4

Install/update via the bootstrap script:

sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.21.4 bash

Bug Fixes

  • #4092: @Yihao-G Fix nginx proxy-read-timeout not set for HTTPS
  • #4095: @GennadySpb Fix application removal during uninstallation

New Features

  • #4097: @josegonzalez Update herokuish


  • #4096: @josegonzalez Clarify that special config variables are not exposed to applications
  • #4007: @turicas Clarify nginx.conf.sigil path in image when deploying non-buildpack apps
  • #4078: @gurpreetatwal Add more details to nginx-dokku-template-source trigger
  • #4090: @ankane Official plugins no longer in beta
  • #4085: @josegonzalez Set warning on resource type as an actual warning


  • #4082: @dependabot-preview[bot] chore(deps): bump monolog/monolog from 1.25.4 to 1.25.5 in /tests/apps/php
27 days ago