github dokku/dokku v0.21.2

Install/update via the bootstrap script:

sudo DOKKU_TAG=v0.21.2 bash

Bug Fixes

  • #4072: @Schlepptop Fix deprecation warning in config_all

New Features

  • #4061: @josegonzalez Drop go sum and mod files from releases


  • #4064: @hugopeixoto Use *_PATH consistently


  • #4069: @josegonzalez Scheduler plugins are no longer beta
  • #4068: @josegonzalez Official plugins are no longer in beta
  • #4066: @ltalirz Add ansible as installation route
  • #4063: @josegonzalez Clarify why we stop/rebuild apps during upgrade
  • #4040: @fonsp Added link to the buildpack plugin docs
  • #4062: @hugopeixoto Rewrite upgrade instructions
latest releases: v0.21.4, v0.21.3
2 months ago