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Version 1.5.2


Vulkan 1.1 is now required, which means that very old drivers will no longer be able to run DXVK:

  • AMD / Intel: Mesa 17.3 and older
  • Nvidia: 390.xx and older

Additionally, the Vulkan loader installed on the system must support Vulkan 1.1.

Note that having an incompatible driver installed, even alongside more recent versions, may cause Vulkan initialization failure or application crashes on startup. Remove any such drivers when running into issues.

The reason for this change is that the Vulkan 1.0 fallback path was largely untested and did not always work correctly, removing it also allowed for a minor code cleanup.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Implemented some missing D3D9 swap chain functionality to allow various applications to run, including the ATi ToyShop demo, Atelier Sophie (#1341) and Dynasty Warriors 7 (#1361).
  • Various D3D9 bug fixes and minor performance and memory optimizations
  • Added d3d9.forceSwapchainMSAA option to force MSAA on D3D9 swap chain images.
  • Enabled d3d9.deferSurfaceCreation for a large number of D3D11 games in the Atelier series to fix the menu not showing up. Requires the use of both DXVK's D3D11 and D3D9 implementations.
  • Dragon Age Origins: Fixed some Vulkan validation errors
  • Entropia Universe: Added d3d11.invariantPosition option to fix Z-fighting issues on some graphics drivers (#1364)
  • Ferentus/Herrcot/Xiones: Fixed sky rendering as well as a minimap regression (
  • Gothic 3: Disabled d3d9.supportDFFormats option to fix shadow rendering (#1367)
  • Tales of Vesperia: Fixed a race condition causing frequent crashes, which was introduced in DXVK 1.4.5.
  • TrackMania United Forever: Fixed unnecessary CPU <> GPU synchronization to improve performance (#1363)
  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines: Fixed rendering issues with refractive windows
  • Warriors Orochi 4: Fixed a minor discrepancy in D3D11 query tracking due to a series of game bugs
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