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Version 1.5.1

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Overall D3D9 performance improvements
  • Improved depth bias implementation in D3D9. This fixes rendering issues like missing shadows and decals in a lot of titles.
  • Fixed a bug where some D3D9 games would crash with a divide by zero error on launch
  • Fixed incorrect specular rendering in many D3D9 games using Pixel Shader 1.x
  • Restored functionality of the dxvk.hud configuration option which was accidentally removed in 1.5. (#1279)
  • Tweaked number of threads used for pipeline compilation. This was done to reduce the performance impact on common 6-core and 8-core CPUs while also allowing newer CPUs with more than 12 cores to use more threads.
    Note that this can still be customized with the dxvk.numCompilerThreads option.
  • GTA V: Fixed a regression that would cause extremely poor performance when enabling Vsync in full-screen mode (#1314)
  • Halo CE: Fixed shield and glass rendering in Halo and Halo CE (#1309)
  • Need For Speed: Carbon: Fixed blur effect (#1295)
  • Risen 2: Fixed inventory in not rendering (#1290)
  • Sims 4: Fixed a crash when changing to/from fullscreen (#1304)
  • Trackmania Forever: Fixed crash on startup (#1278)
  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines: Fixed an issue with the game window being a small box when using fullscreen mode with a non-native resolution.
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