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Version 1.5

D3D9 support

D9VK is now part of DXVK, which means that D3D9 games are now supported by default. Refer to the pull request for details and planned future work, and beware of frogs.

For future bug reports, please clarify which API is used by the game in question.

Bug fixes on top of D9VK 0.40.1

  • Fixed some memory and resource leaks in state blocks, deletion and device resetting
  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition: Fixed a black screen issue that occured on some drivers

HUD improvements

  • Improved overall appearance of the HUD and fixed an issue with some glyphs being placed incorrectly.
  • Memory allocation statistics now show the amount of memory allocated per Vulkan memory heap, which allows distinguishing between video memory and system memory allocations.
  • Fixed an issue where the draw call and queue submission statistics would be updated before the current frame has finished processing, leading to inaccurate numbers.
  • Draw call and queue submission statistics are now updated every 0.5 seconds to make them more readable.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Atelier Ryza: Enabled workaround for a black screen issue caused by the game's D3D9 usage when trying to play back intro videos. Requires both D3D9 and D3D11.
  • Crysis 3: All GPUs are now reported as Nvidia GPUs by default. This enables the game to use a fast path with considerably lower CPU overhead, but may cause a small performance hit on certain Nvidia GPUs in GPU-bound scenarios. Note that it might be necessary to disable the loading of nvapi.dll in your wine prefix when using wine-staging.
  • Fifa 19: Fixed crash caused by a missing DXGI function (#1268).
  • Halo MCC: Reduced the number of log messages being generated due to invalid D3D11 API usage.
  • Star Citizen: Fixed a regression introduced in DXVK 1.4.3 causing lighting issues (#1262).
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