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Version 1.3.2

Update: Binaries have been re-built with bd40b057202a9e42196c4c1209920c228161d793.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a regression that caused crashes and rendering issues Dishonored 2, The Division, Anno 1800 and potentially other games (#1148, #1149, #1151)
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to atomic append/consume operations in fragment shaders being executed incorrectly. This fixes possible hangs in Sunset Overdrive.
  • Fixed an issue where geometry shaders would emit more components than supported by the hardware (#1121).
  • Slightly reduced CPU overhead in some DirectX 11.1 games, such as World of Warcraft.
  • Per feature request, added the dxvk.hud configuration option to enable the HUD. This option will be used if the DXVK_HUD environment variable is not set.
  • On Nvidia GPUs, presentation will now be performed on the main thread again in an attempt to improve stability. Asynchronous presentation is still enabled on AMD and Intel GPUs.
latest releases: v1.8.1, v1.8, v1.7.3...
20 months ago