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Version 1.2


Command buffer submission tweaks

A separate thread is now used for command buffer submission, which may increase performance in some CPU-bound scenarios. Furthermore, command buffers are submitted more frequently to avoid stalls and increase GPU utilization in those situations.

One game which benefits from these changes is Quake Champions.

D3D11 extensions

Some rendering features that are not officially supported by the D3D11 API, but are exposed by vendor-provided libraries on Windows, are now supported by DXVK and are required for the experimental dxvk-ags project to work.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Minor reduction of CPU overhead in some games
  • Fixed an issue that would cause redundant state cache entries to be created and identical Vulkan pipelines to be compiled multiple times
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to incorrect Vulkan usage or crashes when using the D3D11.1 ClearView method
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Disabled NVAPI hack to avoid issues on Nvidia GPUs (PR #1046)
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20 months ago