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Version 0.96


  • Reduced CPU overhead by eliminating redundant Vulkan API calls. This mostly affects games with a large number of different shaders, such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  • Reduced GPU synchronization overhead in some situations for minor performance gains.
  • Tessellation shaders may be more efficient on some drivers and no longer trigger Vulkan validation errors.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect MultiDrawIndirect behaviour introduced in v0.95 (see PR #863)
  • Fixed crash in Resident Evil 2 Demo when using Wine's DXGI implementation (see PR #878)
  • Fixed potential issue with DXVK clearing the wrong render targets, which could lead to various types of rendering errors.
  • Fixed regression introduced in v0.95 that caused rendering issues in Titanfall 2 and potentially other games.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Actually report Nvidia GPUs as Nvidia GPUs to fix corrupted screen space reflections (#885)

State cache

As part of reducing the number of Vulkan API calls, the state cache format version changed in this release from v2 to v3.

  • Existing v2 state caches created with older versions of DXVK will be converted to v3 and continue to work. However, it is possible that some pipelines will have to be recompiled regardless, which may lead to occational stutter.
  • When reverting to an older DXVK version, any v3 state cache will be invalidated.

Configuration options

  • The d3d11.fakeStreamOutput option got removed. On drivers which do not support VK_EXT_transform_feedback, DXVK now behaves as if that option was enabled, so that games such as Overwatch will continue to work as before on those drivers.
  • The dxgi.maxFrameLatency option, which was accidentally dropped in an earlier release, is now implemented again.
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