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Version 0.93


  • Support DXGI 1.4.
  • Added dxvk.numCompilerThreads config option to set the number of threads used for pipeline compilation. Only has an effect when the state cache is being used. Allowing more threads to be used may be useful for games that compile all their shaders up-front, e.g. Overwatch and Quake Champions, especially on low-core-count CPUs.

Bug fixes

  • Dark Souls III: Fixed performance regression on GPUs with small VRAM (see
  • Overwatch: Fixed incorrect shadow rendering on Nvidia drivers.
  • Quantum Break: Work around game bug causing artifacts on RADV 18.3.
  • The Witness: Fixed incorrect use of Dual-Source blending (#724).


  • MinGW 6.0 is now required for building.
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