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Version 0.80


  • Added State Cache (details below).
  • Direct3D Feature Level 11_1 is now supported.
  • Minor overall reduction of CPU overhead.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crashes on some APU systems without dedicated video memory (#640)
  • Assetto Corsa: Fixed crashes and artifacts when reflections are disabled (#648)
  • Project Cars 2: Fixed crash upon loading the game (#375, #641)

State Cache

In order to reduce stutter on subsequent runs of an application, DXVK now caches pipeline state, which allows it to compile shaders earlier than it currently does, even if the driver's shader cache got invalidated after an update. This may temporarily cause very high CPU load.

By default, this feature is enabled, and cache files are typically created in the same directory where the game executable is located. Refer to the README for further details.

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2 years ago