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Version 0.71


  • Added dxgi.maxDeviceMemory and dxgi.maxSharedMemory options to limit the amount of graphics memory reported to the application. This may help fix texture streaming-related issues in 64-bit games that do not support 4096MB or more VRAM (#591)
  • Added DXVK_FILTER_DEVICE_NAME environment variable, which forces DXVK to use a specific Vulkan device. The device name must match exactly and can be retrieved from the log files, or from tools such as vulkaninfo.
  • Minor overall reduction in CPU overhead

Bug fixes

  • Minor D3D10 fixes
  • Fixed incorrect rasterization sample count reported to shaders
  • Fixed lighting issue in the TressFX 4.0 demo (#598)
  • Fixed pipeline statistics queries around compute shader invocations
  • Fixed possible VSync-related issues if the IMMEDIATE present mode is not available
  • Fixed rare crash or device memory corruption when writing to mapped resources
  • Fixed rendering to DXGI_FORMAT_A8_UNORM images
  • Crysis 1: Fixed incorrect SPIR-V shader
  • World of Tanks: Fixed missing caterpillar traces (#410)

Further notes

  • Removed a RADV-specific workaround (b51361eaa99ba4a2ee5b728b97a3c754cb0d2f92) that was necessary for older revisions of Mesa 18.2-git. When using git versions of Mesa, please make sure to update your build.
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