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Version 0.64

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Added support for D3D11.1 resource discard functionality
  • Fixed possible violation of the minStorageBufferAlignment device limit
  • Updated MSAA sample locations to match the Vulkan 1.1.82 spec update
  • Removed redundant barrier preventing parallel execution of compute shaders in some games
  • Dragonball Xenoverse 2: Fixed shader compilation issue on RADV (#523)
  • Final Fantasy XV: Added workaround for broken compute shader barriers on RADV
  • Hellblade: Fixed overly aggressive flushing behaviour when waiting for mapped resources
  • Hitman (2016), World of Warships: Fixed incorrect clamp-to-border behaviour (#517)
latest releases: v1.7.3, v1.7.2, v1.7.1...
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