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Version 0.60


  • Initial support for 64-bit floating point instructions (#216)
  • Improved context flush behaviour for games which use queries incorrectly (#348)
  • Frostpunk: Fixed severe performance degradation caused by inefficient query usage by the game
  • Optimized use of Vulkan pipeline barriers, leading to higher GPU throughput in some games
  • Optimized use of Vulkan descriptor sets, significantly reducing CPU overhead in some games

Bug fixes

  • Final Fantasy XV: Fixed flickering geometry issue
  • Fixed synchronization issues with UAV rendering
  • Fixed rare issue causing DXVK to use incorrect image layouts for render targets
  • Timestamp queries now return the correct GPU timer frequency


  • Wine 3.10 is now required.
  • Support for VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor is now required.
  • Removed shader compiler workarounds for Nvidia 390.xx drivers

New recommended driver versions:

  • AMD: Mesa 18.1.2
  • Nvidia: 396.24.02

Update June 26th: Uploaded build without unity flags.

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