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Version 0.54


  • Improved performance on AMD cards by making use of host-visible device-local memory
  • Improved GPU utilization and rendering latency in situations with a low number of draw calls
  • Added support for Vsync with half refresh rate and lower

Bug fixes

  • Fixed regression introduced in v0.53 leading to invalid SPIR-V shaders in The Witcher 3
  • Fixed shader compilation failure in Pillars of Eternity II (#408) and Lost Sphear (#406)
  • Fixed crash in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (#407)
  • Fixed possible visual issues in Elex caused by non-functional depth-to-color image copies
  • Fixed Vulkan validation errors for typeless multisample resolve operations
  • Fixed Gamma issue with Unreal Engine 4 games on the RADV driver
  • Removed redundant Vulkan API calls
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pre-release2 years ago