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Version 0.53

This release fixes the following regressions introduced with v0.52:

  • Fixed GPU hang in World of Warcraft and Far Cry 3 caused by incorrect buffer initialization (#393)
  • Fixed crash and errors in Nier: Automata

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Battlefield 1: Fixed mip map generation for typeless images and related Vulkan validation errors
  • Battlefield 3: Fixed white and black blocks appearing on the screen
  • Diablo 3: Fixed character lighting issue (#370)
  • Dirt 4: Implemented missing pixel shader feature, fixed Vulkan validation errors (#395)
  • Far Cry 5: Fixed missing visual effects and visual issues during LOD transitions (#344)
  • Frostpunk: Fixed Vulkan validation errors
  • Grim Dawn: Reduced CPU overhead
  • Witcher 3: Fixed visual issue during LOD transitions
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