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5 years ago

Eureka! A new DoctrineBundle release! 🏆

Important Notes:

  1. This bumps the minimum doctrine/orm requirement from 2.3 to 2.4.
  2. ManagerRegistry and ObjectManager can no longer be used for autowiring. See below.

Highlights ⭐️

#740 [BC Change] Removal of ManagerRegistry and ObjectManager as autowirable aliases.
Use RegistryInterface or EntityManagerInterface instead, respectively. Thanks
to @alcaeus.

#767 Fixed a bug with doctrine:database:drop --if-exists when using the URL
option for the database connection information, like is done in Symfony 4.
Thanks to @Nijusan

#801 Fixed a bug that required the EntityManager class instead of the
EntityManagerInterface. Thanks to @Basster.

#791 Allowed the doctrine:mapping:import command to be used to import mapping
from a namespace (instead of only a bundle). Thanks to @weaverryan.

#790 Deprecated doctrine:generate:entities. Thanks to @weaverryan.

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