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3.0 now available for general release. I haven't heard much feedback as far as compatibility issues or brokenness, so no time like the present to make this easier to consume and keep the library moving forward! 🥳

[3.0.0] - 2020-09-23

Notable & Breaking Changes

  • Minimum PHP version requirement of 7.2
  • Source files moved from /lib/Gedmo to /src
  • Added compatibility for doctrine/common 3.0 and doctrine/persistence 2.0
  • All string column type annotations changed to 191 character length (#1941)
  • Removed support for \Zend_date date format #2163
  • Renamed Zend Framework to Laminas #2163

Changes below marked ⚠️ may also be breaking, if you have extended DoctrineExtensions.


  • Requires the ext-mongodb PHP extension. Usage of ext-mongo is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version.
  • Minimum Doctrine MongoDB ODM requirement of 2.0
  • Usages of \MongoDate replaced with MongoDB\BSON\UTCDateTime

Global / Shared


  • Removed null parameter from Doctrine\Common\Cache\Cache::save() calls (#1996)



  • The value of path source property is cast to string type for Materialized Path Tree strategy (#2061)



  • ⚠️ Generate different Date values based on column type (#2115)
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