github discordjs/discord.js 8.1.0


  • Preemptive ratelimiting (prevents most 429 IP bans unless you have a lot of shards)
  • Added support for notes
  • Added support for message pinning
  • Added support for getting a single message (for OAuth bot accounts only)
  • Added more detailed error messages when closing gateway connections
  • Added voiceSpeaking event
  • Added tonicdev support
  • Added support for getting details on an OAuth app (bot account must be owner or member of the app)


  • Fixed a bug where some voice states wouldn't update
  • Fixed some more voice crashes
  • Fixed some game changes not firing presence updates
  • Fixed crash bugs
  • Fixed Discord.Constants export bug
  • Fixed removal of Cache items
  • Fixed editing channels


  • Documentation fixes
  • Documentation page for examples
  • Enabled autoReconnect by default
latest releases: 13.2.0, 13.1.0, 13.0.1...
5 years ago