github discordjs/discord.js 8.0.0


  • Added support for nicknames
  • Added support for role and channel mentions
  • Added support for Twitch/YouTube stream games
  • Added support for ADMINISTRATOR, CHANGE_NICKNAME, and MANAGE_NICKNAMES permissions
  • Added support for bulk delete
  • Added error event to VoiceConnection
  • Added guildCreateTimeout for slow internets
  • Added voice connection timeout
  • Added support for voice channel bitrates and user limits
  • Added Message.server (shortcut to
  • Added permissionsOf(role) support
  • Added createdAt properties to some objects with IDs
  • Added voiceSwitch event
  • Added disableEveryone option
  • Added /tmp to possible TokenCacher directories


  • Fixed friends-related crashes
  • Fixed permissionsOf crash
  • Fixed sendFile content resolution
  • Fixed autoReconnect loop
  • Fixed selfbots blocking mobile push notifications
  • Fixed incorrect documentation
  • Fixed incorrect role data
  • Fixed old references to self_mute/self_deaf
  • Fixed invalid cache data crash
  • Fixed invalid server member data crash
  • Fixed permissionsOf calculation errors
  • Fixed lastMessageID not being updated
  • Fixed mention resolver crash
  • Fixed user avatar updates
  • Fixed some roles being null
  • Fixed playArbitraryFFmpeg
  • Fixed UDP close errors on VoiceConnection
  • Fixed incorrect bot properties
  • Fixed some zombie FFmpeg proccesses
  • Fixed leaving servers
  • Fixed incorrect server data
  • Fixed updateChannel sending invalid data
  • Fixed logout for bot accounts
  • Fixed potential binary crash while joining voice channels


  • Upgraded some dependencies
  • messageUpdated now fires even if the original message is not found
latest releases: 13.2.0, 13.1.0, 13.0.1...
5 years ago