github discordjs/discord.js 7.0.0


  • Basic support for new OAuth bot accounts
    • Login via loginWithToken(INSERT_OAUTH_BOT_TOKEN_HERE)
    • Public bots (bots that can be invited to other servers) must be converted to OAuth bot accounts by May 1st
  • Friends support (OAuth bots can't have friends though)
  • Encrypted voice support
  • Pause/resume voice stream support
  • Muting/deafening/unmuting/undeafening users support


  • High CPU usage fix
  • Potential playXXX() error fix
  • Voice volume fixes
  • Some voice error fixes
  • Node 0.12 crash fix
  • Fixed forceFetch for guild stream (ready will take much longer though, thanks Discord Devs)
  • Fixed overwritePermissions wiping existing permissions
latest releases: 13.2.0, 13.1.0, 13.0.1...
5 years ago