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11.6.4 is being released to fix a bug related to the grouping of reaction related endpoints.


  • All user account-only methods have been deprecated (95a2d25b7df69fc7c76426b63f1014346f5edca4)
  • ClientUser#setGame in favor of ClientUser#setActivity (cd066849ad14a61229a95ff7796886ee1560388e)
  • Collection#exists in favor of Collection#some (09ddbcb88a42ccb51046c958a5960598b6c6d416)
  • Collection#find and Collection#findKey's 'prop', 'val' overload is deprecated, pass a function instead (09ddbcb88a42ccb51046c958a5960598b6c6d416)
  • Collection#filterArray, convert to an array and filter, or the other way around instead. (09ddbcb88a42ccb51046c958a5960598b6c6d416)
  • Collection#findAll, filter and then convert to an array, or the other way around. In addition, the 'prop', 'val' overload is also deprecated - pass a function instead (09ddbcb88a42ccb51046c958a5960598b6c6d416)
  • Guild#createChannel when specifying options without using an options object (7ea88adeca3e5916b88ffeb2252c0271c6b92783)
  • Guild#defaultChannel, there will be no fallback/alternative (407500bf52c932fc184ec558df637d929dd417f5)
  • Guild#deleteEmoji in favor of Emoji#delete (c355236f7f3bc7de5f421155c5ace870ff399180)
  • The old method signature of GuildChannel#clone in favor of using an options object (ab866d6b2e873fd81359d0f11ecd0e353021aabe)
  • Permissions.flags: READ_MESSAGES in favor of VIEW_CHANNEL (1fe201ae90d554feafbd476bdc12dd00190d8a50)
  • Permissions#allowed and Permissions#denied in favor of Permissions#allow and Permissions#deny respectively (58ba2c7b14b826b6e30b0ffc653726a85365551b)
  • PermissionOverwrites#allowed and PermissionOverwrites#denied in favor of PermissionOverwrites#allow and PermissionOverwrites#deny (db492e66e239c16accbfbd8bed16846f92f89de8)
  • The peer dependency @discordjs/uws is now deprecated and will be removed with the next major release (5556b05241eac2f768e7019fa53a01d338d7cb1a)
  • The peer dependency node-opus is now deprecated, use @discordjs/opus instead (6ab46491c80b2c67a3c9f6318fd62f6039c6c5c8)


  • Group reaction requests into one handler per channel (747d76de105a8325c5195f31cd6f358f3983a170)
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